Black Grove Stables
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Full Board 
(Starting at $500.00 monthly)
  Full board includes your choice of Quality feed and fresh hay.

Private large stall with fan and 12x12' to 12x30' turnout. (private pastures limited)

Turn-out daily, 6 to 12 hours (day or night) weather permitting

Daily stall cleaning and shavings provided. Water checked several times a day.

Grooming (wash down when hot), fly spray/fly mask/Blanketing 

Free trailer parking
Mare Care and Foaling Board
Lay-Up Board
Black Grove Stables Boarding Options
At Black Grove Stables, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We understand how unique your horse is to you and we will provide the quality attention you desire. Also all horses are treated like family and are given treats.
With Full board pricing as a starting price point, you have the option of Lay-Up boarding. Have your horse recover in the quiet peaceful setting. Several well trained and qualified veterinarians to choose from in the area that are within 15 min. from here or bring your own. From stress to injuries, our staff has trained with equine veterinarians to be able to handle general wound care, medications, and give one on one care to each horse. Stall care to peaceful pasture time in lush green pastures, your horse is sure to recover without any added stress from other boarding facilities.
With Full board pricing our staff will be able to treat and care for your mare in all stages of pregnancy. Once the mare is ready to foal we can upgrade the accommodations with a 12x24 foot foaling stall with an attached private and secure paddock. With years of vet tech experience and assistance in foaling, our trained staff is knowledgeable and experienced to handle the process of birth. There is a IR Camera in stall to capture the birth and to monitor the mare without disturbing her. Don't forget that when weaning comes we are more than willing to help out also.
Custom Boarding
There is an option for custom boarding. This is a name out what you want and our staff can make it happen to fit your needs. Please contact us and let us know how best to fit you and horses needs.
There are regular and Double size stalls open for boarding options. 
There is Limited Partial and Pasture Board spaces.